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PorYes European Feminist Porn Award 2013

Next Saturday 19th, in Berlin, I will receive a feminist prize for my contribution to representation of female sexuality. Whatever that means, I am flattered. Some big names have received the award in the past, such as Annie Sprinkle, Shine Louise Houston or Petra Joy, to whom I own a lot of my ¨porn career¨. And this year I will share award with a lady like the artist Shu Lea Cheang. I feel honoured.

I personally feel extremely uncomfortable in front of large crowds, specially if the attention is on me only, so I know I’ll have a hard time when someone approaches the microphone to me. However, I will do my best to contribute to this great celebration of contemporary feminism. I believe it is very important not to forget that feminism renews and continuous and is not just something from the past that we study in history books. The world is different so feminism is different, maybe some times it even has another name, but we have to fight and speak the same.

Here some more information on the Por Yes Award and who is behind it. There will also be a panel discussion the following day with all the nominees. Come join us if you are in Berlin!!

No love lost in Rio de Janeiro

Between the 4th and 20th of November No love lost will be screened as part of the film program CORPO-COPIA, at Panorama Festival taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

The film is enclosed on the Bodies and Sexual Deviancy section. I love the title.

Bodies and Sexual Deviancy
New sexual identities, queer movements, maternity-subversion, trans-feminist activism, sexuality and online movements, eco-sex. Selections of short DIY films and post-porn with videos of Lola Clavo, Tejal Shah, Julia Ostertag, Helen Torres aka Dolly Supreme, María Llopis and Post Op, and performances of Diana J. Torres aka Pornoterrorista, Timi Mei Monigatti, Liad Kantovich Hussein, Warber, VideoArmsIdea, Chimera Rose, Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens. Curated by Maria Llopis.

Screening Room. Photo by María Llopis.


Secondsexe temporarily closed!! Oh nooo!

The web site will be closed for an uncertain period of time while some readjustments are made.

It seem like some bigger company might buy the site and present owners will just run the artistic side… I’m so sorry for the girls that were running it because they were doing a great job. I hope the spirit of the site will remain the same and it’ll still be able to find both, the most mainstream male oriented porn to the most independent and artistic sexual films, like Destricted. By the way, a compilation of films that I highly recommend to anyone interested in art, film and pornography.

So in honour to this brave duality that Cinema Second Sexe has been showing I leave this two movie posters. Enjoy!

Download Switch, and more!!

La lucha, Switch! and No love lost finally available at for download and VOD!!!

Indicios in Palermo

Indicios in Palermo.

Switch! & La lucha avaliable soon at, yey!!

The very friendly Sophie Bramley contacted me a while ago regarding to the distribution of some of my films for her VOD platform CinemaSecondeSexe. She is editor of a French cultural and artistic website dedicated to women (those where her words) called Second Sexe and it seems they are interested in distribution of independent films, especially regarding to sex and sexuality issues.

Well, perfect then! So very very soon you will be able to download or watch online both Switch! and La lucha for a very modest price!

I’ll keep you posted!